365 Days

Tue, 01/17/2017 - 17:32 -- l_p

365 days ago,I was surely not the same.I've grown up too much. 350 days ago,I couldn't choose between my head and heart,Let alone how to live life fully. 335 days ago,I wasn't passionate about everything I did,Slowly that has changed 320 days ago,I was setting myself up for failure,Instead of being positive. 305 days ago,I didn't realize my love of the art of language,So I begin to create masterpieces. 290 days ago,I forgot how to enjoy myself since classes were getting harder,But I soon remembered. 275 days ago,I started to invest time in politics,Even though I couldn't vote yet. 260 days ago,I could remember my hatred for gum,Yet I started to chew it again. 245 days ago,I was nervous about the ACT,But I soon realized that there was no reason to be. 230 days ago, and I thought numbers and letters defined me,Yet I genuinely dismissed that belief. 215 days ago,I had forgotten about my love of rock music,And I definitely felt reunited. 200 days ago, I didn't have an interest in keeping a planner,But soon enough, that has changed. 185 days ago, I wanted to move to New York City,But now, I would settle for something smaller. 170 days ago,I didn't think.Now, I do. 155 days ago, I let my actions speak louder than my words,But I know myself better now. 140 days ago,I didn't know the meaning of leadership,Yet I've learned. 125 days ago,I was tired of my ubiquitous schedule,But somehow, I have grown to enjoy it. 110 days ago, I preferred pencil over pen,And that has truly changed. 95 days ago,I stressed about managing my time,But I realized all I could do is my best. 80 days ago,I wasn't overly concerned with the monetary value of college,Yet I soon realized that this was a huge investment. 65 days ago,I forget that life isn't always fair, But we must deal with it and carry on. 50 days ago,I discovered my love for conspiracy theories,Although many of them are very unlikely. 35 days ago, I forget that I loved YouTube,So I started to watch more again. 20 days ago, I was ready to celebrate the new year Because new year, new me, right? 5 days ago,I remembered how much I missed biology over break,And I started to study happily again And, today,I know that I was different, Even from a year ago.And, everyday is new.Change is always happening,Never stopping,Even when we think we need it to.   

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