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i'm proud of how i turned my life around
the world does not evolve around me and go round and round
it all came down to the choices i make
best believe i didn't get all of the breaks
life is about lessons to learn
respect is something i needed to earn
as a kid, i love pal
no, im not referring to having a best friend, meant P.A.L
Police Athletic League was my foundation
i revolutionalize the meaning of sports as a way to form collaboration
i play sports and became the best
i represented the east coast in which i was above the rest
as i got older, i ran away from that love of sports and got involve with people who i thought were cool
at the end when the ceiling hit the fan, i ended up looking like a fool
for what? acceptance? popularity?
all i remember was feeling shame for what i've done
at least the lord said that i was not gone
i did my time for what i did
poor choices lead to consequences in which i had to do a bid
when i realize that place made me feel like an aninal being caged
i knew in my heart i didn't belong to that place that made me feel outraged
i felt trapped and shedded more tears than 2pac
i knew i needed to get away from the block
life taught me who were my friends and guess what
there were no where to be founded so i knew i was better than that
it was time to change my life-not who i am, but the way i went about things
my life was about to change that is shiner than baby rings
im proud to say that im a life saver
im not asking for a free waiver
just listen to my story
because god listen and gave me my glory

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Sometimes, we need to sit back and just be proud of who we are and what we have accomplished throughout our lives, which is exactly what you do in this poem. I truly respect the fact that you are mature enough to realize that you have made mistakes and then to be brave enough to fix them and turn into the person you truly wish to be!

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

life is about lessons
we live and learn-no one has the right to judge anybody
all of us have the right to tell a story that will shed light is many eyes
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