(3/3) Let It All Go

i don’t re-call why

shedding these tears

causes you to fly

with my fears.


Erase Our memory.

i’ll do anything

to not feel empty.

it’s all so tempting




what You wanted,

i couldn’t give.

i am haunted

to simply forgive




what You did

i can never forget.

I will forbid

any future threat.


I am through

wasting my tears on you.

This poem is about: 



To all of my fellow readers:


This poem is 3 of 3. I wrote them at the same time, but was not ready to post all of them.  The first one is called "STARING" and the second one is called "The Escape".


They make sense on their own, but they tell most of my story during high school when read in order.




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