31 Days

31 Days

It’s been one month, 31 days to be exact since I’ve heard from you.

I knew my protection plan inside and out, I knew the steps

I had to take in order to figure this out, in order to get you back out my life.

Only, when you actually returned, i was stopped in my steps and engulfed

with strife. I thought I was ready to let go, I really thought i was.

Life was great, I even think maybe I found my soul mate,

but history repeats itself and so do you and I.

I had imagined you had matured in these long 31 days, and I had hoped

you would understand and respect my wishes, but you didn't.

I expressed how I truly felt, I let it all out,

I guess I had thought you changed in these 31 days just as much as I,

but once again I was wrong, I always am.

It was the hardest thing to do but I uttered the words I never thought would be true.

I told you and wished you the very best, but next I said

I couldn't let myself fall back into this mess.

All the words I spoke were true, yet the message still wasn't getting through.

 I could say over and over how I  am not flattered by your words,

but the memories came back hitting me like a hurd.

You didn't even give me time to forget, the shape of your eyes

or the smell of our love, it was only 31 days, and I should have prayed.

Prayed that you would stay away and pray that you were okay.

I cannot lie I thought about crawling back to your lies,

I considered leaving my new guy,so that you and I could continue this flight.

Even after 31 days, you still left a scar on my heart,

it lingers and it stings and everything I feel is shame.

I really thought things would be okay.


By: Mya Guardino


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