2u4u: SHE

Wed, 11/12/2014 - 17:41 -- x3rk


novenber 12 2014

i see the spark in her eyes , i see the love in her veins, the cold stare she gave and glazed on her face , lightly spiteful in her case the world made her this way, she makes her life by every single phrase she spake, her actions are the coldest but shes the warmest when the world is cold, in Gods love she stays but she feels that she has demons haunting her , day by night she stays in sight of her friends and enemies but she is at her best when its just her and God and Creativity she is in love with what she can create as a human being, it seems that we are limited by size and and rejected by our thinking and we are nothing by our words but she tries her best to speak life, she tries her best to think wide in acceptance of her life, she tries her best to reach beyond the sky because its not the limit and she grows inside. shes really philosophical and tries to understand the freedom of a mind the carries little knowledge, the mind of a child is more powerful than a mind created by the latest math and science books, but from the nooks and crannies shes candidly blessed to keep a childlike mind with the knowledge of the worlds mistakes, shes an artist she is insecure , shes a poet shes immature, shes a rapper shes a listener, shes a photographer...shes an introvert, she has a very unique outlook on life but some days, lately, shes had a closed mind. the dark caught up to her and now shes in darkness where her light grows, and hopefully it will grow to shine bright as the biggest of all lights as the biggest of all life. one day... she will have kids to tell her battles to...one day she will have a soulmate to run to....one day shell have a home to confide in...one day she will have a greater purpose in life ...its, mind numbing to think about her and the way she works she contradicts herself in the most crooked ways but she still remains beautiful in her soulful state... the one where shes listening to music and trying to rhyme but it ends up as pure mumbles... or when shes drawing and when her pencil is shading right. shes rhythmic to her own beat she makes with her drum , she longs to be with God but her actions and words arent fruitful to some. her mind and her body wont be on one accord, her written grammer and puncuations' come out distorted but her mind is so perfect, the most perfect thing about her remains unspoken, her mind imagines things that she is capable of doing.. but it doesnt quite come out right when she tries to pursue them, its there but it isnt ..she has a hard time trying to explain it. you want to know why i know her so well and how i known her since 1997? she is the young lady that is my reflection.


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