28-Year-Old Teenager


Tue, 06/07/21 – 10:00 to 11:47 PM

By Debi Lyn


A 28-year old teenager - not more than 34.

Somewhere between one and the other, my life went out the door.


I haven't seen it, hide nor hair; my birthdays equal 55.

Where'd they go? I want them back. I need to feel alive.


I've not achieved any worthwhile goals save finally having my own place.

Big deal; so what! My only speed seems to be but a snail's pace.


Always giving of myself to everyone but me.

Drained of every single ounce; I've no more energy.


Please see I do at least what I can; I know it isn't much.

What I need is time, encouragement, helpful hands,

& an understanding touch.



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