26 Letters


My heart is heavy.
it is a wrecking ball: stone cold and rock solid.
weighing me down.
the weight of it,
words cannot seem to describe.
how are 26 Letters supposed to sum up all this pain?
my mind is swirling: a tornado in no particular direction.
only leading a path towards destruction.
My hands - violently shaking,
blood dripping down these fingers.
knees weak, as I fall to the ground,
clutching my chest
filled with ache.
my eyes watch the World around me spinning,
while I lay here in slow motion.
hush, do not speak.
for an open mouth means words,
and Words cause pain,
and Pain produces tears,
and if One Tear drop falls,
this salty waterfall will never cease.
so please, continue with Your life,
while I watch mine crumble
with the dirt in My hands.


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