24 Years of Walls

His father died when he was 16

He never even told his father he loved him

The thought haunted his mind 

Every day of each of the years to come

So he shut everyone out

He kept up his walls

As his lover screamed 

Let me in, I love you

Banging against his walls

Until her fists bled rivers

Crying, begging him to let her in 

Tears drenching her face

And the collar of her shirt

She fought for six years

Until his child was born

A little monster who knocked

On that wall

And he smiled and knocked back

But when his little monster smiled at him

The pain of his loss hit him again

He hid behind the speeches

And lectures

He gave her

Trying to remove his mistakes

From her before she could even make them

Giving her high-fives instead of hugs

And always being just out of reach

But his little monster kept knocking


Let me in, I love you

His family kept trying

For eighteen years


And throwing everything they had

Against that wall

Until his lover couldn’t anymore

She packed her bags

And he was alone

His walls were now bare

His home was now empty

Tearing his monster into pieces

But she chose neither side

And she knocked one last time


I have to go

But I love you

This poem is about: 
My family


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