24 Hours Eternal

You are always there...


When the sun starts its rise

The stars and paint merge their glows

The night's soft demise

As the surrealism flows

No matter how unreal

Whatever reality may be

I have the warming feel

Of you right beside me


The sky will grow ever dimmer

Yet the heavens will rage with life

The lanterns that o so shimmer

Calm me from my daily strife

Plans you have in stock

For the moon lighting the bay

You lit that gorgeous rock

To send me on my way


There may, of course, be times

That the heavens pour their tears

You shield me with these stem-bound chimes

To block away my fears

When many express despair

For the colony of dew

I feel closenss in the air

And a world that's laid anew


Vicious are the wind and ice

That pose as frozen bliss

You will more than suffice

To silence that raging hiss

When all is quaint and all is calm

The sky blends with the ground

I feel the caressing of your palm

Bringing tranquil sound


All those years I went without

The magnificence of thee

Now I know, without a doubt

This friendship's meant to be

So now I say with all my heart

That you, oh Holy Host

No force or fiend can do us part

Because of you.....Father, Son, and Ghost








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