Sat, 04/16/2016 - 01:02 -- katjxc


We need it

A 24 hour sequence

To keep moving, breathing, living


What would we do without it?


7am Open your eyes

8am Out the door

9am I have arrived

12pm Lunch

1pm Back to work

3pm Close the books

5pm Grocery Store

7pm Chicken, greens, and more

8pm Try to relax

10pm Climb in bed

                                         Time Break

                                         I'm asleep

                                         Time means little here

                                         But open your eyes

                                        And the numbers still appear

7am Repeat, repeat, REPEAT

Time allows us to live

Darkness means close your eyes

Light begins to appear so roll out of bed

But in between, time is read.


It shows us direction

Where we need to be.

It allows us to grow

To become more and more

To achieve.


Time speeds up as we age

It becomes more precious

More needed on a daily basis

But it's still a 24 hour sequence

Repeated day by day

Needed for so many reasons

Needed by all.


Without time who would we be?

Time is needed,

Needed by me.



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