21 pt 1

All this time i thought we
Were playing childhood games.
You were the husband
And i was the wife, tending
To all the loving children we
Bore together. We knew
This was all make believe .
We knew it was all just,
well, Temporary. And after
Our paths had seperated,
I thought it was ok. Because
After all, i did not love you.
And now i am sitting here,
Two in the morning, crying
Those tears i thought id
Never see again. I do not
Know what it is about your
Pain, that i so desire to assuage,
But i feel it burning in my
Chest. Suddenly i recognize
What it is like to be so
Deeply infatuated with another
Human being, that youre
Willing put their mental
Health before your own.
So now, even though
Its deteriorating me ever so
Slightly to be your superman,
I stay. I stay because youre
My kryptonite. And youre
Worth losing my strength over.
Because even though you
Stopped being infatuated with
Me, im still in love with you.

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