2 Minutes

2 minutes, and I'll see you. I'm looking forward to it. We haven't spoken in a while. I hope you still think kindly of me.2 minutes, and the wind rushes by me. It signals your arrival. I barely recognize you walking toward me. You've changed, so have I. In another 2 more minutes, we'll be glad to see each other. Wow, are you taller than me? How did that happen? That's kind of funny.In another 2 minutes, we'll be talking and laughing at each other. It's like we never parted. You tell me about your life, how you've been. After 2 minutes, we embrace at last. It's been too long since I've felt your touch. Your hug is warm and comforting.After 2 minutes, we are separated again. You look at me and grin. It's an expression I've missed. What is worth 2 minutes? It's such a short time to see you. Maybe if the sun wouldn't set so early, or if I weren't so ill. I revel in your scent around me.What is worth 2 minutes? It's such a long time. Neither of us wants to let go. But in such small time, we must continue. I feel cold suddenly. For the next 2 minutes, you tell me stories. I listen well to each one, for I love them. You speak clearly. It soothes me.For the next 2 minutes, we are silent. Only thoughts pass between us. It is the unspoken lie in the room. In another 2 minutes, you'll apologize. It is hasty, but I don't blame you. The situation has been made awkward.In another 2 minutes, I tell you I've missed you. I love you. How much those words are stuck in my throat! I force them out straight. The clock says 2 minutes, you gape in awe. A silly reaction, and I tease you for it, embarrassed. I'm glad I was able to tell you.The clock says 2 minutes, I miss moments like this. Where you and I can stare at each other for ages. It is a very calming gaze. I can barely control my heart. In another 2 minutes, I'll be gone. We'll both be sad again, but it's okay. We'll be able to meet again, maybe. I wonder how long this time.In another 2 minutes, you'll say goodbye. Then you'll go home, and I'll be alright. In the last 2 minutes, I close my eyes. I think of you, of course, and smile.

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