2 legit 4 $h!t

I Am sick of your s***!!!
I NEVER said that before... EVER.
OOOHHH 🤑No s*** too!
Here I Am coming to realize that in this initial moment; at no time in the past or future, had I thought in My entire Life, I'd be shown ALL the s**** it takes for You to break Me down and out, so out is all there is left Me.
Turns out it's some REAL sick s**** in order for any type of s**** to make Me know ALL the s**** it takes to break Me.
And I know ALOT of s**** too.
I'm not s****'n You either.
Because I KNOW how My OWN s*** is entirely Mine to OWN for I have no shame in a wiff ad hominem as I.
Since I smell some s*** differentiate from what ain't Mine....
Is when I will know.
For, what I know accurate to Me and consistently rings true, is, no matter what s***ty s*** comes My way.... when Someone rings My bell then I best take it as a call for My immediate action towards whoever rung My bell trying to impede on My s***!
The after effect My bell leaves Me ring'n in My ear the truth of what just happened.
And I can then see clearly You from Me.
With Me, You can't talk s*** on.
Yet You only wish that there was s*** on Me so could keep talk'n Your s**** 'bout Me.
But You can't.
Still You decide on some s*** for Me by making s*** up on Me....
Then You could say the s*** You made up for Me all to try and justify why You can say I'm a piece of s*** that deserves to get s*** on.
But sssshhhh.... No One needs to know s*** about s*** because this s*** is foul!
So just leave it where it's at, in hopes no one wants to see.
Well I see thru all this s***
You SPOKE sum s*** LOUD and CLEAR for ALL to hear.
I can't help but stop and take a looksee what the type of s*** is being done to Me.
And this S*** right here.... is some s***ty s***.
And I know that ain't bulls*** that's for sure because I don't bull s*** with My s***.
I Love My s*** to the fullest that I have no mistaken identity when it comes to My s***.
I know My s*** like no One else should.
So in all the s*** talk You throw My way is all that makes Me know the difference between Me and You....
Just know for Yourself I thank You for teaching Me things about how far I'm willing to go for Who I Love.
But also how far I'm not willing to put up with s***.
I don't have to give a s*** about what You or Anyone else's s*** is on about Me, when You or Anyone else don't give a real s*** about Me.
It don't matter Who You are to Me.
If You can do that to Me, then it changes how I see You.
Because I'm proud to have My Own s***.
Therefore You will never take My s***.
Because You can't.
That's why You say s*** YOU THINK You know on Me.
Which ain't s*** to Me because it's not Mine.
Then You end up saying s*** You can't take back.
Only can You be taken back.
Only when there's change for better, will there be hope for making it Together.
I will give You this.... if You truly want to work s*** out with Me, You will not take s*** away from Me thru disregarding all Who I Am...
Whilst You continue on Your s*** for Me as if You are Me.... and that I should pretend the s*** You said is true.
You best beleive that I take You as trying to take My s*** without asking.
I can tell by the way You have no care to know the source of Me that makes My own s*** Mine.
That's the kinda s*** that I just won't do.
So I don't.
Who ever knew how much s*** I could take for Someone in the name of Love.
Well I do now....
It all comes to an end when I Am taken away from Me and becomes that s***'s no good for Me.
Until I make good on My s*** is when I give My s*** a rest.
And I Am.
So I thank You for helping Me know where Your willing to go with that s***.
There's no telling when You will stop speaking Your s*** on Me, and that is enough to take Self measurement to know when I'm s*** on.
I value My s*** cause I know My s*** smells and proud of it.
It makes all the difference for Me to know when I'm s*** on.
I NEVER thought the likes of Me would know the kinda s*** done to Me by the likes of You could happen.
I'm not taking your s*** no more as long as You think I'm only here to throw s*** in Your face.
But it seems You think that's what s*** is for... throwing it back in faces.
No thank You I will not join You in a one way s*** show.
You can keep your s*** to do with as You choose..... just don't include Me.
Get ahold Your s*** and deal with it.
I'm taking the s*** You don't like in Me and going to where I belong. My place where I Am accepted just as I Am.
Im not waiting around more for You, all the while so You could continue on with what You choose to do. I won't have any more put downs or have any hold back.
I'd rather give to Myself what I deserve. Because its really on Me to anyway.
I deserve to be Loved the way I know feels like Love to Me, because I Love just as well.
And if Our Love isn't a match up that's ok.
There's nothing wrong with that.
But there is nothing I can justify for Me to allow Someone Who don't like Me, yet still choose to stick around intending ill will towards Me all because outwards disposition to Me.
That does not justify why You can stay by Me, acting up to Me as what I deserve.
I'm willingly taking Me to where I can be Me, putting towards Me all the Love I can have.
Because I can.
Because I will.
Because I do.
I Am.

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