1st January

Fri, 09/15/2017 - 07:45 -- DottO

It's 1st January
Happy new year
That's all I could write on the card
I was a little apprehensive as to what you'd say
But I was a bit anxious too
Had you rejected the card or made a seen
What then?
It was class 5.
I am Mr.Popular in school.
Too cool for studies, too foolish for not being able to perceive what happens next
But you took the card
I still don't know what you did with it though
Maybe you threw it away

It's 1st January
Happy New Year
This time not only a card but two little red hearts on the right hand corner of the card
I was hoping you wouldn't find those
More like, I was hoping you wouldn't mind those
Class 6
Brink of adulthood
Or at least that's what I thought
More like, it was beginning of those glorious puberty teenage years
Not nearly. Puberty hit me in the late teens or at least that's what my voice told me.
It was not girlish any more.
You took it.
This time a bit seriously.
You got around 50 cards on each new year.
I could only walk so many times home, ignoring the bus, saving for this one card.
Maybe you threw it away.
Obviously you threw it away.

It's 1st January
Happy New Year
I'm in class and 10
I've grown up
First stage : Rebel and ignoring the family
Facebook has just come in. Or was it Orkut?
I don't remember,
finding your profile..
That was a very difficult task for you were also hiding from your family.
First connection : I'm not the only one.
Her mom also forbids her from using Facebook.
After one week, mission accomplished!
Friend request sent.
And I thought looking into the screen every minute of the day would make you accept my friend request faster.
And so I did.

It's 1st January
Happy new Year
We are friends on Facebook and I wish on your wall
Still not knowing whether it's too early to pm you.
For the first time I received a reply.
Thank you, beeped my messenger.
Yaay! Mission completed.
She talks to me.
This is Clas 11
I thought "too little too late".
School life is ending... I had a chance and now I destroyed it.
Anyway, she knows me now.

It's 1st January
Happy New Year
This time I have your number.
I call you up. After the 3rd time you picked up.
Yaay! You remember me.
We talk for the next 30 minutes.
My New Year is indeed HAPPY.

It's 1st January
Happy New Year
Yes, I did marry her.
Married for 10 long years
I'm not wishing you
I'm wishing our daughter who turned 4 last month.

It's 1st January
Happy New Year
It's been 6 years since you left us.
And it hasn't been easy. Your daughter's wedding is next month.
They remind me of us.
Your son-in-law is very shy, took him 5 years to say hi.
He's a great guy. You'd have loved him.
One more thing.
Don't worry though.. But I have cancer, I'll meet you up there in a month.
I'm sorry this is the last New Year wish.
Naah, it's not. I'll keep on wishing you for the next 30 days. :)

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