19 Forever

I miss the random trips,
When girls came trashy and liquor came cheap.
When it rained weed and laughter came easy.
When dictionaries lacked words like “free” but had words like “crazy” in plenty.
Isn’t it a heartbreaker then?
That I can’t be nineteen forever?

Ain’t nothing like remembering the good old days,
Over a cold weekend with a cold beer and a colder woman in hand.
The more she speaks, the more you zoom out,
To the days when friends and sweet surprises came in plenty,
Music was sweeter, thighs were warmer and life never got familiar.
The days were more colorful and smiles were brighter.
And responsibilities were everyone’s but yours.

Dear old nineteen,
Where art thou old friend?
I miss you and the riddims that you brought with you.
I kept track of them and have them in my collection to date.
Relationships, good love, nylon, cardiac bass, city life and even changes.
Goddamit, how life changes!

Oh lovely nineteen.
The kingdom that lacks monsters in the name of “jobs” and “bosses”
Where you wake up in the morning with one sole purpose,
To spend 8 to 5 changing strangers’ lives,
In meetings in boardrooms flooded with bright lights,
While your life remains the same.

I always knew I’d have to grow up one day,
Grow into one of those squares I loathed so much at nineteen,
Metamorphose into adulthood,
Where women come stylish and decent,
Where liquor comes classy and expensive,
Where responsibilities belong to no one but you.
Isn’t a heartbreaker hence?
That I can’t be nineteen forever?

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