17 (Autobiography)


Damn, I can't stand you.
All the crap that you caused, all the crap still to come,  I can't stand through.
Thicker than bamboo.
But now they starting to see through your lies, and you know I'm just preying that they catch you,
You're the reason that I tried commiting suicide.
You're the reason that I always question who am I.
'cause I hope that none of what you have gets passed on to me and I start passing on lies.
You're the cause of my daddy not being there.
Ever since I was four, I was a lone heir.
And even my sisters left 'cause they couldn't take your crap.
Even they didn't fucking wanna be here.
But all the crap you put me through made me so strong,
I don't know what I'll do when you're gone,
Cause you pushed me through all the right obstacles, and I'm ready for the next one.
You're the best one.

As for you, you got me fucked up.
I was like a little bitch to you bro, always there when you fucked up.
Felt like I was locked up,
'cause the love I had for you was so strong that my heart felt boxed up.
Like that time that I told you that I loved you.
It was cool and I even got to hug you,
But then you went and told your friends, you all all fucking laughed,
and that's why now I'm saying fuck you.
I was like, a little kid, how could you wrong me?
Day and night, All you did was had me longing.
So my heart just cracked and it fell to 10 pieces & my brain & eyes were getting foggy.
Now every time you start shit, I wanna stab you.
And every time you talk slick, i wanna bag you.
'cause you're truing to pull me down to the level that you're at,
But I'm me, so I'm not gonna act you,

And you, you were my main bitch.
How could you hurt me like that? I thought that we were on the same shit.
But I see you're on that lame shit.
Girl, you're faking, you're pretending, you're not real, you were messing with my brain bitch.
But good thing that I got to see the real you.
All the topics of the questions they ask are still you.
But I see you grown lonely, but I'm not ready to hear you.
And what about you?
You would always be there when I needed you,
Maybe you were just mad that I exceeded you..
& this chick was the chick that proceeded you,
You're my son, I can really say I seeded you.
But I'm good, I guess that's just the conceited truth.
But inside it hurts me not to be with you..
Wish you were still here sometimes,
Cause at times I need someone to cry to.


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