Wed, 05/03/2017 - 00:56 -- asvpjen


The year America stopped being great,

and turned into a country full of abusement,

a center of hate.

Cyclical tendencies-- racism, bigotry, foreigners viewed as enemies.

Restricted dialect,

Pretending to be perfect,

As they stifle our intellect.

If history repeats, is there ever a present?

My presence is looked down upon,

As I am a Mexican spawn.

A minority living in a white man’s world,

Witnessing blacks getting killed,

Seeing my family being forced to leave,

As I hear him say he’s trying to rebuild

A country that has never achieved

To be great.

To be a welcoming place.

We let borders divide us when love should unite us,

It’s time to question authority, it’s time to become more conscious.

Now each time you look at the USA, ask yourself,

Is this really the American dream?

​Or am I just being fooled by this American scheme?


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