Sun, 02/04/2018 - 21:33 -- flamska

I write these thoughts to clear my mind from the piles of blunt ended metaphorical clutter that may, or may not have cadence.

Their long winded flow,

Re-enacting my endless ability to be stuck inside myself without realizing I haven't even inhaled before saying the next thing.


I won't stare at the shelves upon shelves of books that I haven't even read,

An analogy to express my repressed memories and goals that have gone unfinished,

Because my past is filled with garbage that needs to be exposed, and disposed,

And I feel forced to take a shower just to wash all of my depression away.


I know I need to sit in my feelings,

Instead of telling myself that I live in trash,

And It's really not okay if I do feel sad,

And being a robot is annoying but its the only thing I know,

Cause old habits die hard,

And I can't, or frankly won't change that.


I really am trying to be a better me.

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