is a monster

budding in my heart

painful as love,

without benefit.

Clawing to get out

gasping, shuddering, shaking


let me out

let me in

I miss tracing circles on your skin

I miss the soft light

filtering in from your bedroom window

I miss pressing my ear

against your bare chest

hearing your heart beat

mine's made of glass

take it

and smash it

that's where my hope lived

take my voice

I'll scream until my throat tears

until it's raw

don't you love me at all?


swallow it down

don't let it rise

it's dark

sinister and heavy.

I could sit here forever

let the demons weather

my storms




not seeing

staying in bed

vicious thoughts in my head

don't you know you're alone

don't you know?

the storm creeps back in

high tides

in my eyes

lightning in my throat

let me out

let me in

please let me in

I've never felt more alone

and it's going to swallow me

the monster will see to my end


isn't somebody










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