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37° 48' 57.4272" N, 103° 15' 58.8528" W
United States
37° 48' 57.4272" N, 103° 15' 58.8528" W

To "thy" that lies beneath the glow

consumed in fragrance of black salt.

Punctured and chained with a tightened bow

can me saying "thou" bring back a passionate soul?


No... then what's the point of this poem?

I'll throw this pencil away!

There, I did it.

Finale is me, fully resting in the pit.


Dark, yet so warm.

Suited, and not alone.

Grouped neighbors alike.

Deep in the abyss, so deep in the abyss.


Dread from you innards

blighting light from deep within

that light we most fear.


Only then and there, only in life so un-fair

does a fluttering gown and a flock of feathers pierce heaven's ground.

In a flash of light lies a glowing figure with pearls for eyes

that can truly see the me underneath the cemetery.


Even as a metaphor. the message throughout life

is one needed to be taken in strife.

In which the aid that comes from a single piano or fife,

can help harmonize your own unique melody, like feelings between husband and wife.

♫So don't lose your way

forget thoughts

of Disgust, Pity, and Hate

Just shut them up

Love is sweet

That is all you need to break free

Release me from the chains of my own life

Truly to live and not to survive ♫


My deepest fear I realized was my inability in,

from an eventful death to an illustrious music career,

to shine bright, despite a personality to that of tin.

Only in another's eyes that can truly see, showed me my deepest fear.


Writing this poem, why try?

Being different, trying to be a chosen slam individual,

what makes me special?

My power is not enough to be permissible.


But, it is! In fact, its immeasurable.

I can write, I can even rhyme.

So why bother hiding? Remember the eyes,

it's both an indicator and a redeemer


There's no place to hide, no hole to shrink into.

They'll keep looking, as more pairs will gather.

Same with poems and novels

or even musical notes themed against the grovel


So, for anyone reading this, remember,

be the children in a world of likened adults.

Cater to the birth rather than being faulty aroused


Scream, laugh, cry!

Take trepidation and illuminate it.

Make it shine.


Then, open your eyes, and you'll see

what only a few special can.

A released fear

with the liberation of another's deepest.


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