“When I Walked Through Hell and Survived “

You caught my eye

I fell for you

At first you were sweet

Bought me gifts, listened and understood 

My family loved you

Then one day it all changed 

You started being snide to me

Insulting what hot food I made

Insinuating I dressed to impress other men

Not saying I love you back

I hesitated and kept loving you

Until you cut off my family 

Then grabbed my wrist too tightly 

I never saw it coming 

You’d apologize for your behavior 

But never did change it

Said you loved me

But when drunk, said you didn’t 

I barely escaped 

When one day you had to go for business 

Lugged all I could

Made sure someone could get me 

As you returned home 

We were driving away

Leaving our homec, my personal hell

Behind in the 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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