Plus, minus

Plus, minus

Give, take away

Give, take away

Never here to stay

Never here to stay


You just walked away,

You acted like it was all OK


Her words were muffled to you


You got your hearing back,

And then you chose to take it away again


Rumors are what took you away from her

That’s what she said


The words shot out of your mouth like bullets,

Hitting her in the heart,

Breaking it in half,

Shattering it to pieces


Tears were shedding from the dry river,

Now overflowing with pain


It was all fake since the day you two met


The question was beckoned,

The answer was given


happiness was spreads,

I was wondering what was going on in your head


You acted as if you didn’t even care

And the amount of guilt that you felt was the size of the thinnest hair


It all went so fast


Soon the happiness was ripped from her heart,

Leaving an empty space


The smile was abandoned from her face


Her heart was once again shattered,

The drop of a plate,

The crash of a vase


The heat of her tears melted me,

Turning my eyes into water


I tried so hard to keep it all in,

tried so hard so hard not to worry about what this will cause her to do


She’s ok

She’s ok


It’ll go away

it’ll go away


The pain won’t stay

The pain won’t stay


Maybe the pain won’t,

But the scar will


Every time I think about it,

It leaves me a cold chill


it freezes me,

And all I can do is stay still,

Afraid I’ll make the wrong choice

Afraid I’ll say the wrong thing


Everythings slipping away from my grip,

That I barely have any time to understand what’s happening

She’s ok, I think again

She would never leave me,

Is what I try to believe


I want to protect her,

I want us to be close forever


But I feel like everything’s at a distance,

Like everything’s losing its existence,

Everything’s losing its patience,

And, I want to run away, because

Nothing’s ever here to stay.



You're such a great poet! 

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