“Colorful knee high socks, childish wear”

I was always a colorful child growing up

My favorite color wasn’t consistent

My mom wouldn’t trust me to dress myself most of the time

And yea, she was persistent


My sister would always encourage me to wear what I want

not to care what people might think

So I continued with my colorful style

With my bright bright pinks


Middle school came and gladly my style was still the same

However one day everything changed

It was like at that moment

My thinking finally went sane


I wore my colorful, rainbow, striped, knee high socks

I was so happy to put them on that morning

Why wasn’t I given a warning?


Lucy was waiting outside like always and by the look of her eyes and the “oh, God” from her mouth

She probably wanted me to get lost in a maze


She walked away

Wouldn’t let me keep up

I was confused

Following her like a lost pup


Didn’t get any better while we were waiting outside to go in the school building

I started to get discouraged I felt them all judging and by the glances and whispers she made I knew that, so was Lucy


So I took them off

Right then and there

In front of everyone my legs all bare


From that moment I realized that I wasn’t the colorful kid anymore

Maybe I was in the inside

But I learned that day that I’m growing up and when you grow up

You open ur eyes to reality


Reality is that no one's gonna let me wear my colorful, rainbow, striped, knee high socks and let it down easy

I mean it’s our corrupted society


There would be nasty glances

My socks not having open minded chances

However, now I learned about growing up is not giving a damn


I’m going to wear my colorful socks

Most likely showcase them

Because not hiding my style from what others my think, now that’s

growing up


by- Naomy Serrano


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