‘Why we have flowers’ and original myth by Katelyn milligan

I live in a land where the people are free. This is home to me as well as many other significant people. Our home is by the deep, tranquil waters of Thailand. Our city is named after the sun, we call it Solar. You could say it was always spring. In the land of Solar we have many gods and goddesses. These deities have their certain powers and certain things they rule over. For example, there's Hatus who is the goddess of suffering, Klay who is the god of human thinking, and Lai who is the god of commonality, and many more. The people who live in my city worship these deities with great respect. But, the one who rules over both the people and the deities is the goddess of love and nature, her name is Rosemalia. Rosemalia was kind and compassionate for all living things. Her olive skin and dark absorbed hair admired by many. She ruled with dignity and equity. Rosemalia has a particular interest in flowers. This being said, there were  flowers all over our city. They bloomed in army’s around our us. The colors filled our eyes with endless pigments of reds, blues, violets, and yellows, giving life to our world. Rosemalia’s main belief was love to all, she gave her gift of love through these flowers. 

So this being said, many of our people adapted Rosemalia’s theory of love equals flowers. It was common when we would walk out our doors to find flowers put perfectly in place with ribbon around them on our doorsteps. People wore flowers as fashion statements as well, such as in their hair. It represented our unity and kindness in our community. It was late afternoon of a February day. Rosemalia as well as the other gods and goddess came for their daily outing to our town square. During one of these average days, we danced and sung and made flower crowns. Our dances as lovely as the dandelions in the wind. Our voices as an untouched waterfall. Our crowns fitting perfectly as the stars align. Life was nothing less than perfect. We fell at night and rose the next day living simultaneously our best life. One day however, our life took a turn for worse. 

Slowly as the weeks went by our flowers wilted. Their vibrant hues turned more gray. We lost them day by day. They stopped growing. Our armies were defeated. The whole town, usually an optimistic town, realized this disgrace. There were muffled whispers every once in a while but the subject was then shunned out. Soon the gods and goddesses quit coming to visit leisurely with us, yet Rosemalia came every day as her normal routine. At first it was a weird sight because she acted as nothing was wrong. She was completely normal and as charismatic as she typically was. Eventually our last flower dropped. The whole town was around to witness...and so was Rosemalia. The look on her face turned to despair, she was the first to react.

 For a while it was silent. We were all trying to process what had went wrong in our world. Soon Rosemalia said in screeched voice, “For I am shocked. My flowers, my precious light of life. They’re gone?! Just out of the blue, this can’t be possible.” Tears rushed and gushed out of her eyes. She wept as much as a lost child. We as a city tried to comfort her but we couldn’t. She turned to being downright depressed.

. Rosemalia was too sad to even fulfill her duties as ruler of all life. The animals stopped eating, leading our farms to a catastrophe. The rain, given she was the goddess of nature, stopped pouring. We couldn’t even get a sprinkle or drizzle. The river even stopped flowing. Our land was falling to bits and pieces. We hadn’t seen the other deities since the beginning of this drastic event. Our hope faded just like the colors of our flowers did. The worst part of it all felt like our love was lost. People quit speaking to one another and quit being the peppy people they normally were. I myself felt deeply as I was the one to blame, as everyone did. 

After about a year of living in these conditions, a man wearing a black leather coat came strolling into town. I was at the bakery when I saw him. He took what looked like a deep refreshing breath. He spoke out to us in deep, breathy voice and said “For I see the flowers are gone. Kind of humorous they can disappear like that, right under the tip of your noses” We stared in disbelief. He continued, ”Have you ever thought that not everyone likes these nuisance plants of nature? That’s why I stole them.”

A loud gasp transported through the crowd of listeners. Rosemalia appeared in the very front of us all.

 “Excuse me?” she exclaimed.

“Yes, twas I who took away your precious little flowers.” the man said.

“Why? This can’t be?” Rosemalia questioned.

“Listen to me closely. I’ve put up with this for centuries. I bet you’ve forgotten about me. My names Farou, the god of theft. I took your flowers because I’m allergic. They gave me itches and aches, even causing my skin irritation. But you people never even noticed my suffering being so self absorbed. My only choice was to live far away. And don’t get me wrong it’s not like I hate people. I was like you, always joyful. My allergies made me brittle and hateful. I took your flowers to teach you a lesson.”

Rosemalia perked up, “ To say the least to you Farou I’m very sorry. I never thought about that. But can I ask you to have them back? Perhaps we can make a deal in both our favors.”

“I’m listening.”

“So let’s say we have flowers only half out of the year, they would bloom just as they did before. But here’s your end, the other half there would be none, not even a single petal.”

“I do suppose that’s fair. Not a day more with flowers than there will be without though.” Farou concluded. 

    The town was thrilled to hear this news but also still uncertain. They talked and discussed all the details right there on the spot for a few hours. The end result was the beginning of a new year as well as the start of our beloved spring again. Farou decided he would be away back to where he came from when we had our flowers around. He told us he would be back as soon as the flowers were gone to live in communion. Farou was right deep down he was a caring person. His words replayed in my mind. I thought to myself how could i be so narrow minded, how could I not see his struggle in the first place. I now am wiser having living through this experience. I see both sides to things. I consider how everyone is affected by something before I make my decisions. In all situations you must consider others.


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