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I see children, women and men weeping like me
Around us there are corpses of our friends,
brothers, sisters and our loved ones
It is more than sad, to feel alone, weak and miserable
I look around every corner hoping that someone helps me
I want to ask for help from my neighbors
but there is a big wall that I can neither jump nor climb
My neighbors were my only hope
but instead of building a bridge
they built a huge wall
The cries and tears of the children around me make me feel pitiful
because they are living in great suffering
While they deserve joy, education and peace
they also deserve a better life
I try to shout out
No one can hear my cry
I try to lift my hand so that I am asked for help
But they can’t see me because of this huge wall
I am about to fall but there is nobody to stretch me their hand
Those who are by me are more weakened
and unfortunately our neighbors can’t help us
because they are unable to see us



This poem is about: 
My family
My country
Our world
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