At some

    At some time in your life you will experience the type of love that will engrave its name on your skin similar to that of a tombstone engraved “ Rest In Peace”. You will in fact, want this love to rest in peace. You will want to hold onto the memories of what has passed; but you must be reminded that what was, no longer is. If you have not yet reached the point in your life where you experience a love so deep you feel like you’re buried six feet under, do not worry, as love cannot be rushed.

This is something I have learned. Love cannot be rushed no matter how much you give and give until you have nothing left. Love could not be rushed despite the future I dreamed of for us and was so sure that this; would be a dream that came true. But I was wrong. Because you can not rush love by giving it all away. Love takes time. Be patient with love and do not waste all that you have on someone who does not understand the value of this love.

The love you have to have offer is worth more than any man will ever let be known. You must always remember this. Do not let a thing on this earth degrade your value, or the value of the love that you so selflessly give. Often times we seem to forget this. We seem to forget that we actually value anything at all. Know your worth, This is a phrase I keep in the back of my head everyday to remind me to never settle for less; which happens much too often.

There will be times when you doubt your self worth, and that’s okay. The mistakes we make in life often seem to make us question ourselves rather than help us learn from them. Our mistakes, our flaws, they make us who we are.

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