A Two-Sided Story

Once upon a time I had two friends who

Lost their selves after a couple of years

 But their story, oh their story you would really want to hear.

One an officer the other a street walker

It’s a time when friendship becomes so blind

That at moments we can’t save the friend that deserves their life.

Because everything that begins has an end!


I was born a victim because my skin pigments defined me as guilty.

I was born above you because my skin is considered pure.

I struggle to eat and sleep. Not knowing the beautiful side of the struggle free.

I witnessed innocent people of my kind die because of the victimized cover up we claim to be.

We befriend each other and we live our lives sin free

Muddy days in the sun. Wet nights in the moon.

scared to die we became friends with a dream 

A passion, a hope, and cherishable moments.

I guess I forgot the part about how tomorrow comes too soon.

You become a police officer as I still struggle to live

You leave

I cry for you to stay….as years pass by

My tears seem to dry

I see you’ve become special now!

Your back home but you don’t recognize me

You seem hypnotized by the uniform bling

You hold me at gun point and yell out freeze

Scared for my life I run

I run from the gun and cry and weep

Begging for you not to shoot me

You stand over me, I clutch my necklace

As the last tear falls from my eyes

And the light flashes, you pull the trigger

and now I’m gone.


I left you behind to find better not knowing we were destroying each other

I became something and never heard from you again

I miss you my friend

When I return I hope to speak to you again

I became a solider I learned about your friends; they are victims

I must protect my streets. I return home in search for you

To protect you from your friends

I spotted a suspect on the streets with a bag in his hand

Around the corner and down the street we go

I corner him and he cries for me not to shoot

I got this strange feeling it was you.

I picked my gun up and aimed it

A tear formed in my eye

My hesitation got the best of me

You try to run and I pulled the trigger

My heart racing at high altitude

I stood over the suspect happy for putting a stop to the crime at stake

I froze, I looked down as I saw the suspect holding for the necklace around his neck

I removed his hand and I saw it

The exact same necklace you were holding was the necklace I had on

I grabbed for my necklace and held it in my hand

The pigment of your skin defined you as a suspect not my friend

I put your life to an end. Please forgive me my friend.

I took a life that was looking for a way out.

I kneeled at you and cried my eyes out.

What have I become. I became so blinded by the bad you were accused of I didn’t realize

I was killing a friend

An innocent victim

If you hear me now dear friend I promise you this now

I’ll live my life and yours.

I want you to know I love you and the day I took your life

Was the worst day of my life!

I should have known.


It goes to show how quick someone can die just because the color of their skin.

A true friend whose life is no more. 

Its time our voices came together as a whole. 

we allowed society to blind us and claim what we should of been

all dreams and feelings become mixed because of what we are labeled as

its time to stand up and do something about it.


-LaQuinta McKinney


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