Being Thankful

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To whom it concerns…   Thank you. Thank you for being there when no one else was. Thank you for being my light in a room of darkness. Thank you for giving me hope things do get better.
Today I sat in the darkened kitchen Convinced that a shooter was going to kill me But in those moments I realized what I loved What I would miss What I was truly grateful for   One
To be seen through the thickest glass. To know you are heard by not one but two ears. To lean on someone who you think of as your other half.  To look in their eyes and see your whole life ahead of you.
“You are the lucky one” They tell me “You are privileged” Society screams I am white, I am middle-class, I am American, but I do not always feel lucky I do not always feel privileged
  Throughout my life, supportive people were there for me Granting me with a key A key through the steel doors of reality To express my capacity Without them, my dreams would become an unreality
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