A Different Story

Sat, 08/12/2017 - 22:00 -- hk177

Once Upon a time, 

There was many a story told

Maybe, a girl thought, too many stories 

All of the princes, handsome and bold 

All of the horses white as snow

All of the villians, conquering territories

These are classic, ancient, traditonal tales not just for show

But, what about a different story? 

A different prince, a different horse, a different villian in a different category?

Maybe, a girl thought, the formula could change 

Maybe, a girl thought, these stories didn't have to be the same 

What about a  prince that was weak or deranged? 

What about a horse with no name? 

What about a villian who was not too evil, but more gray? 

Maybe, a girl thought, classic stories could be different 

And so, the tale may not be so tall 

And the end, not as happy as it seems








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Our world
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