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Memories of sunshiny days are fleeting   They pass in a blur of ecstatic haste and they leave behind the bitter taste of longing   The touch once remembered
Your absence is not my best remedy.  It doesn't help me, it doesn't make it unbelievable.  The aching assures me of your existence,  but memories are  fading as if we never happened, as if we never existed.  
It's strange, Its wonderful — This ache #sixwords #life
Passing seasons never falter Ink inscribed skin ever after Heart ache a burning volcano I hear a bird's song of sorrow How can I rise from this abyss When all I want is to remiss The torturous emotions
I thank My Lord for pain. For, it's the ache that add perfection to this love in me, for you. #cinquain
(written 2/6/2015) a heart of ice its flesh unkind windy rain burying my calves in chills I can’t shake a storm builds and preys on the trees
She walks with her feet dragging,
Fix my wasted days, weeks, and months Fix our rotten peaches and our decadent dreams Fix the pouring rain; never let drown our parade
Just by your presence makes me happy Just by your smile keeps me warm Hearing your voice makes me calm
Turn my tears into words Words that shows how it hurts Though can never be heard I'm still writing this words
I always caught myself cry Alone, in the bed where I lie It feels so good to cry
Cried all day Pain went away
My soul is aching.   Rotting in the remnants of who I once was.   Longing for something more than just     this...          
I yearn to love ones kiss, to enforce a sweet time of bliss, a sorrowful ache upon my heart which leaves me to miss my lover's embark. I swifly move on to a trail of your thoughts,
It seems like an eternity ago that our flames burned as one I cannot recall the memories I crave so badly that your heart etched in my memory Your scent no longer lingers around me trying to entice me
Anxiety flows over you, toppling and sending radical shivers of coldness throughout your body. It makes a cold sweat and a nervous shake; Causing overthinking and a racing heart.
I’d like to imagineI can still feel the sting of the day she let go;clipped my wings with a word and said, Fly. I’d like to imagineI can wax lyrical and triumphant one more night;
Words won’t come as they should but I’ll wrap you in something bigger Enclose you in the only embrace I know - My quiet listening heart
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