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Filters show the insecurities of those who want to hide their flaws, change their reality.
This is Me. I am Bare.
Stop, the image in the mirror will crash Though, these weights may be lifted with the pluck of each fake eyelash I'll remove this lipstick, because it encloses my smile
  There's a mask that i wear, With colors, and shapes,  Its packed on my skin,  Like glue and tape.    My hair is like plastic, it sticks to my head, with all of that hairspray,
Sometimes I wish I could erase all the things I've done wrong I wish that I could erase the past I've come from
Baggy tees No Pants Nagging people don't exist.  Messy hair No makeup
There is a reason people use filters, For we don’t like how we are defined to be. Something is crooked or misshaped That we don’t wish others to see. If I were to stand before you bare
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