Living Nightmare

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I died to sleep Perchance to dream To escape this old world With its horrors yet untold.   But, alas, I stirred For a frightful air Disturbed my slumber Causing me great despair.  
Why? Why do we hope for peace when people die and people bleed? Why? Why even mention the word when people continue to let this more forward? Why let this happen? Why let them die? Why start a war with guy against guy?
The dark of the night Was darker than any other. Quiet, too quiet. A little girl Shifted and turned in her bed. She felt a chill Run down her spine. She shut her eyes tight and tighter.
Little girl stood strong and free, With her head held high, And her eye in the sky, But little girl is different from you and me.   Little girl used to run and play, She had friends by her side, No secrets would she hide, But soon little girl began...
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