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Who is this? Who is this person that smiles for me when I'm blue? Who is this person who says, "I'm fine" when I am falling into death's pit?
There is a phony inside every one being who shows passion. A phony inside every one being who gives love, and searches for it. A phony inside every one being who appears to be genuine.  
There is a sound that everybody knows There’s a wave in the wind, someone who is heavy, brawny, grows There's a story lurking, largely lengthy, hardly told
Where I’m From   I come from happiness I’m from love I come from a society
Who says that something is right?   A person with a degree As if some how they have special ability? Or a court of law— Do they have the right to govern society?
We are just cardboard cutouts We are created to be what others want Created to live and breathe society Created to bleed democracy "The home of the free" That's what they all say
Pain in my feet is gettin' worse, Knees, white chicken flour. Mine. Nappy, natural, Nia again. Fallen, yet we do not know it. Where is the Nguzo Saba? Morals, ethics, Christ died for this?
Tiny pieces of me are all you’ll get to see because society claims “flawless” is what I’m supposed to be so you’ll see my polished exterior you can bet you’ll see my strengths
The harshest light is the one, we choose to use to see.   The blemish of society has become, a billboard of tragedy.   With beauty's definition, now warped in the minds of our youth.  
As teenagers we believe it’s our obligation, To lose ourselves in dedication For a person who is still growing up, just like us And we call this “Love”.  
 What is the meaning of their blasphemous pride? This blaming ride,  The escape goat, am I?  What is the point of the out of place lies? Economic declines? Existential remnants of permanent enclosures?
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