career choice

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my throne be,In a cubicle, utilizing this desktopcomputer watching, metime, zips past,like a racing carjammed, fingersrush through, the traffic of these wordsdriving the clock, killing time
Too many roads diverged in a tense arena And I used to wonder what it would be like to travel all. Could I be Engineering? Astrophysics? Analyst? Architect? Chemist?
They prayed for you to succeed in all you do But what are you supposed to do When all you do Is make people proud? There is nothing that speaks to you And they speak to you
I can see it clear now. I want a new career, anyhow.   I decided I want to get into law I had an aha moment, recently. I want to support the underrepresented And tada!  
Can it be? White coats and patients as far as the eye can see. A doctor...maybe. or perhaps a staple of knowledge a professor in college all for educating. Or the men and women that fight day and night for our way of life can it be?
To college I am going, to get my Bachelor’s degree. I want to be a teacher. It’s something I’ve always wanted to be. My classes require I practice the assignments, I might someday assign to my students.
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