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Long arm gendarmeMy mistake namasteBackpack bivouacOn the Road with Kerouac.Brilliant stars, silent nightsFireflies, Northern Lights
A beat for those who sold their souls for security of roofs over heads and unions of like minds. Never again having to contemplate the what, or when, or why, or how.
On a Loop losely based off Kerouac and Motorcycle Maintenance, Bums and Trains. Yet what most perplexes people... Why. Why try  so hard to go  So Far From Home. The Answer?
With a Godly breathe he inhales the heavy, yet hollow whispers of the night siphoning the miniscule remnants of assurance loosely woven, each with its own cynical thread
lyrics to dance words running skipping Letter to Letter inklike waterfalling curled paper edges hinting hiding sneaky secrets scribbled to question is it shame periods semicolons and Why i should do
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