Weeping willows

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Why must you go? Can we not sit in the shade and talk like we used to?   Do you not want to watch the violets bloom underneath the tree we had claimed as ours?
Shadowed dark skies roar over head, as I lay here dreaming in my bed. In my mind I stand in a field of flowers, and I become lost in daydream for countless hours. I'm surrounded by dark colors and hues,
Small wispy leaves Long drooping branches A monster by size A giant by heart Through wicked winds Through awful storms  To amazing heights  Its treetop soars Its branches bend
Through the eyes of the woods  gazing through the darkness they watch over earth as it sleeps. Gently caressing the willow as it weeps. She Weeps for the sorrow of a thousand long years. 
She weeps tears of dew; Her humble boughs sigh. Wind becomes her grace, And the sun her hope. She shields clouds of rain; Veils her heart in leaves. Weather won't weaken, Her roots sink to deep.
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