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Can’t we find love in our selves  Without worrying what others  Think about us?  We are told that there  Is always an enemy amongst us,  But they never for once said it will be yourself. 
Sit downI know you hate my nameYou call it edgyI call it pittyTired of your shitHe tries to tell youAll his feelingsMust say that's harder than you sayYes you speak spanish
These bloated airheads pumping their skulls with fucking bullshit Your life is a lie   While they worshipped Kardashians in high school I was in honors society before it was cool
Flowers made for war. A bullet for my sweetheart. I do kind things, These wonderful sweet things, But I want to see you bleed. Arousal from your torment, And a smile for your pain.
Let me ride off into the sunset like a cowboy with a bottle of jack my guns and the sunsetting   you want me to fight for you? you want me to call you non-stop? Girl you know how I feel
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