face your fears

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My fear feels like this: cold fingers wrenching my wrists behind my back, thick, black ink coating my lungs, poison gas seeping into my ears, whispering: "Everything would be better if you weren't here."
It had dark blue eyes like the night sky Who would of thought it would cry  It wonder down the street as it beg for help Darkness followed it through the air One day hoping it sees the light 
In a world where words are the strongest weaponry, Where syllables can tumble down with the power of a tsunami, Drowning is often easier than it should be.    Each word a piercing bullet with a fatal shot, 
It's an empty promise. A temporary bliss. But blissful nonetheless Scaring my worries away Even if just for a few moments. But the thought to let go is terrifying
What do you see yourself in five years? That’s the question I fear, I begin to think and think About so many things About college, about life
Dawn awakens new relief Twilight awakens new pain In between these times Life is lived Life is lost When summer ends Winter begins The sun brightens your eyes And lifts your heart
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