basic unity

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A ban on one is a ban on all for the blood that’s let the oxygen inhaled the emotion felt the heart that beats they are universally one and adhere to no borders or  boundaries
We need U.N.I.T.Y today In order to heal the land like OBC say Take a look at yourself and strive for change Show love to our kids before they end up in gangs Teach them how to love and never to hate
The American People I hear again, That is me So I listen.   I hear words, Words I never said or thought Under the label The American People.
Oh Great America   Restoration is the key to the future; Not revolution. We are a country formed through rebellion. Enough is enough. Fix the problems you hold within.
  how you say, Hello! in American? I am your guest and Hao is also my father's name born foreign new jersey california carolina lemon drop that's yellowface to you my friend but its
The Greatest Trick   By Joshua Patterson, A.K.A. The Kronikler      
-Dreamers are dreamers, we all dream of something  -Some dreamers are "fake-believers", and those become "unachievers" -To find what drives you, and imbrace it, is actually living the "dream"
Loneliness is like an abyss A world filled with endless darkness A place where light is consumed   The heart trembles because darkness laughs It shivers because the shadows devours the soul
I've seen you and yet I haven't
The smoke creeps perfect ‘neath and ‘round each hearse, as liquid darkness consumes the light over all the Earth. Bodies lay everywhere dead lifeless to noise and sound, to
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