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I first learned what it was like to be a woman  When I was 10 And the men who were supposed to be my mentors My teachers  My figures  My preacher
Thankful is a beautiful thing its a word that describe delightfulI'm thankful for being aliveThankful for beating scholiosisThankful for being brave
my heart runs fast but the bile in my throat deepens you make me sick to my stomach and my stomach sick to it’s stomach your laugh resonates in my head
My name is Elandra Rene From the distant planet of Chicago Right here on Southside       Don’t call my home, “Chiraq”… “Chi-Town”, “Chi-City”, or “The Windy City” will do just fine.
When I look in a mirror, I don't see that girl in the movies, the beauty all the guys are after, or even the nerd, hiding a banging body and gorgeous eyes behind wire-rimmed glasses,
Fat Skinny Tall                  Short Your weight must reflect who you are Don’t wear this if you are fat Don’t go to the gym if you are skinny Eat healthy But not to healthy
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