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I don't think the future has vision cause people won't follow dreams because they lead to the dark alley where the cats pissing well ill try to inspire the future children
The shaddows begin to appear, the night kills of the sun. The man walks, hopelessly, he knows he is not done.    The wind never blows, in his direction, there is no breeze.
The Human mind is of the essence A gift from the almighty, a moral blessing From which we derive our strengths and weaknesses From guilt to wrongdoing, life is indulged with grievances  
Why is it okay to judge people For their dreams? For what they believe in? Based on their skin color? Or who they're in love with?
What Happens?What happens to a dream deferred?Is it better told or left unheard?For dreams encompass the whole of our mindWhile consciousness rids it and makes it hard to find
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