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Ignorance is the new world powerThey say they give us education but feed us from a spoon coated in arsenic Governments claim they want what is best for their country We're brainwashed so we will cower
I love Tokyo so much As a child I would watch anime. Pretend that I was a marital artist living in the Hot Springs. Tokyo is where my dreams were born  My imagination and my love for adventure began.
Can I make everything rewind Back in time When everything was once fine And make all of these new thoughts collapse? I'm bound to the floor because there's nothing more
The World Around Us Ring! Ring! Tic-Tac! That is all you hear nowadays, As technology advances people keep changing their ways,
Taped on her mirror Are pictures of Goddesses Angelia, goddess of lips Kim, goddess of curves Twin goddesses Mary Kate and Ashley Deities of being skinny She wakes up
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