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How is it Gods will to call a kid disgusting Just for who he loves   You tell us we are sick And that we need special help though you have no doctor's degree   You tell us how to love
Dear past oppressors, I don't forgive your malice. I don't know if I ever will. The damage done is certain, all your taunts, they haunt me still. My self-image has been shattered.
Tendrils bloomed on the horizon, you could smell,  the burning, you could feel, the hatred, you could hear, the oppression.  But touch, no man's contmeplation. 
There exists a division, splitting up my left arm, Cutting to the bones of my wrist,
Holding back, No longer allowing slack Pulling in the reigns On this issue that is causing me so much pain If I could create a world, would color be in it?
There is a difference between a right and a privilege; a right can never be taken away from you, no matter what.
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