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They took a loan of not money but men, trying not to stutter i ask my brother when   Ten months he says Promise? Do you promise to return to me
They say people come and they go, But mine seem to sitck like stone Always around to remember What I could do better. They say the best place to be is home. But what if home is sturdy like bone?
What is more precious than silver, rubies? That holds more power in an empty soul than a river of gold   Leaverage of coverage a sort of security Why must we forget, when things go amiss
As I walked along the dusky dark road, the English winter this particular year was torturous to say the least. The icy wind whipping against the coat I thought would be my comfort from the cold. My face felt frozen and void of all sensation.
i walk onto the stage i smile and i wave at the gathered people my mom is in the front row, right in the center my siblings sit beside her my teachers from grade school my professors from college
On a mountain side I go there for the first time In mid Semptember.    
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