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Sometimes I don’t want to think I don’t want to blink I don’t want to imagine I don’t want to be seen
A year is the blink of an eye That sheds a tear, That makes things clear. A lot can change, And stay the same.   As the eye opens And sees the light What once was a blur
Blink The worst things happen when All I can see is the back of my eyelids Blink But blink fast or you'll miss everything But how would you know? You're eyes are closed
If you take a second and just look around.. left, right, up, and then down.. I want you to think to yourself what happens when your eyes close.
They tell me not to blink. They tell me not to cover my eyes in shame or fear or hate. But I hide them because I cannot keep a smile on my “oh so beautiful face” and because lenses feign a human eye
Blink.               Brink.                            Sink.   We, the people, lose touch Technology and sin are important Glory of creation, not so much Blinking, we reach the ledge
It comes like a mist in the darkness discreet and soft spoken. So unkown and alien just like the dark side fo the moon. Comely as a ruby till blood is drawn due to wrong.
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