am I even worth living

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Roses are red Violets are blue Time flies by and so will you Dreams will die Regrets you'll feel Tic and Toc the time wont stop Close your eyes And count to ten Maybe this time ill let you win
  A paucity of air clings to my lungs as I sink further into what life could be. Wishing away, living a dream, all the while toying with time’s dominating hand.
I have a hostageBack away, do what I sayOr come clean up a bloody stageThis ain’t no animeThis here is a 12 gaugeIt ain’t blasphemeIt’s reality without a backstageI am here, with myself
Heart in a bird cage, rough hands wrapped around my throat gently soothing down, seducing fear inviting death, sweet and bitter.
To be Experienced  To Know what to Do.  One doesn't have the Couarge as we face the blowing wind   The Skydivers take their stage.  Some have fright, others, excitement
It's a cold dark lonley night I'm looking outside my window. Everything is still. No sound, no movement, eveything is gray as thoughts run through my head. 
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