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Fashion.  Fashion is a dream. Fashion is a fairytale wedding sewed at the seam.    Fashion.  Fashion is not hard to achieve.  Fashion is full of creativity that one's mind will concieve.   
The steady hum , the consistent stitching. What seems to have been a million parts is now One. It slips over a form, curves and drapes and ruches. From sketch to sculpture, garments become art.
What’s it called when you work hours on end? Yet every minute seems worth wild I think it’s the same thing that makes me smile That phrase “If you love what you’re doing then you’ll never work a day in your life”
Virtue owns a fashion line. She has styles that are sinful and seductive. She makes it chic and timeless and appealing. Every piece of her couture line was made to bring out the desire and passion of every woman. Virtue doesn't play it safe.
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