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                                                  Occasionally We see Phenomenal matters of love
Thank thee, Lord, for living. Thank thee, Lord, for death. Thank thee for the ashy air  That fills my bony chest.   Thank thee for misfortune, It took me by surprise,
A black cat stares me down Collar jingling, he scratches Big yellow eyes eat me alive I do not know what luck he brings— I do not know that he brings luck at all I was never one to believe
I am walking around in the company of friends at 2200h. It’s a well lit highway, even more lit by our tranquil laughter. A police land rover pulls over Uniformed armed cops jump out And cover us with their AK 47s.
Nothing can fill the emptiness of a loss. No tear, sorrow, or sadness can fill the gaps of time today.
He.He never does.He never gives it to her.the crumpled love note in his pocket,that she wanted nothing more than to recieve,the one he was sure she would never want.It turns to lint,
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