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Aren't best friends supposed to be with you till the end? I thought that to myself as I watched them turn their back. Deceiving is what it's called. Maturity is what they lack. I gave so many, so many chances Yet,
The flower that is fertilized with toxicity, will bloom with toxicity.
All alone in this crowded room.My eyes meet one…another.They do not see me for what I am.They see the smile on my face;
The face you see is not the face you recieve But it seems, oh woe, no one doth care. Ones heart would be a sticky sieve,  Yet others are unaware. The curtain drapes heavy over our masked production, 
When the Earth was created and the humans were made. God created a thing called feelings. And as in every fairytale there's always an enemy . This enemy is called hurt He goes around prancing up and down killing joy as it was a passion of fate.
Talking to me now you'd never know The sound in my voice  The look in my eyes It's all a little deceiving  You'd never be able to tell what happened that nigh four years ago
Life is never what it seems, It only gives you a glimpse at the most wonderful things. It shows you what it could be, It gives life to all of your wildest dreams.  
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