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Happiness is a bubble The more you reach for it The farther away it seems to be But when you’re in it Really in it It’s as fragile as porcelain
The bubble in my chest is expanding, Not with joy, but apprehension. The desire to escape keeps nagging at my brain, I see bloody wrists behind my eyelids.
Live in your bubble for a day Not for a lifetime   Look up and see the world The world outside your own   That is the world you live in Not the one you've created  
In the deepest trench yet found below the coldest touch of seas, there’s an alcove underwater, and it’s meant for you and me.   And it’s bubble will protect us, and it’s glass will yield a show
Unshed tears, anger, frustration, Boil and bubble inside.  I fear an eruption- The unforseen and sudden spilling of my insides, Spewing forth some regrettable tradgedy, And the onset of these,
Blow Pop Smack Blow Pop Smack Chew Chew Sigh Chew Chew Blow Pop Smack Sigh.
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